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Welcome to American International Services

Your Procurement Service Agent .............

American International Services offers procurement, logistics and transport services to meet the needs of demanding clients worldwide. AIS is a leading provider of international services, with more than 30 years of extensive and diversified experience. AIS offers flexible and turn-key solutions that enable clients to delegate vital project tasks. Our Experienced and skilled professionals allow clients to concentrate on other areas of the project, knowing the procurement cycle is in the good hands. AIS has consistently provided clients timely and high value service, competitively priced, without compromising quality.

Serving the Construction Industry  .............

American International Services has expertise in procurement and logistics of full range of construction materials, equipment, communication equipment, furniture and fixtures, and education material with access to extensive global network of suppliers and expertise to coordinate and ensure compliance with the technical specifications and on time cost effective project completion. AIS has supported a wide array of construction projects in both private and public sectors that include health care, universities, office buildings, airports, large-scale housing, water supply, waste water treatment, small power station, and more.